Here are some very generous comments made by listeners.

Just wanted to thank you for your segment on the News today. I am only a few months into have my F call and have been finding the info you give during your segments very interesting and helpful. I was only thinking during the week about the signal strength reports that we where taught when i did my course and your segment today just reminded me what it was there for and how to asses the signal strength. Cheers again and look forward to hearing what you have in the coming weeks.David VK6FACB just a quick e-mail just to tell you my wife and i enjoy your sunday morning segment ~ please keep up your great work ~ good to see someone putting back into amateur radio !! be a ham for 34yrs 73'sUdo VK5UZ and Debbie VK5JT I just wanted to say I think your column is great, you do a good job! Your column is the first thing I scroll to when I receive the W.I.A newsletter.Steve VK4FSDC I firstly I would like to say well said on both your “What Use Is An F Call” on last weeks and this weeks WIA news.Paul VK2PNH Good luck, well done and I look forward to supporting your efforts further when I have my VK7 call sign.Ross I think you’ve captured the amateur spirit superbly.Ian VK3TCX Congratulations on your stand against bullying.Roger VK2ZRH I love you segment.David VK4ICE Onno keep up the great work and if I find anyone bullying an “F” call they’ll will get the short end of a pineapple.Jeff VK5IU Thanks for the weekly messages. I always read or listen to them.Compton VK2HRX Thank you for the time and effort you put into this hobby.Alan VK6VA I have heard your audio piece on the WIA news for a long time and wanted to say well done and thank you for your contribution.Mark VK2MP I like your work and I think you certainly inspire others to become amateurs and I find your segment interesting. Keep up the good work.Rob VK3EY I really enjoy how you promote the hobby and particularly the "F Call" side of things. [..] Keep up your marvellous work of promoting the hobby and particularly the F call, the hobby needs more dedicated people like yourself.Rick Polden VK7FRIK / VK7RI I wanted to thank you for the "What use is an F-Call?" series. I'm not yet a ham, pending someone running a Foundation course nearby soon. That said, I've taken inspiration and ideas from the series. I'm very excited to join the hobby.Simon Just wanted to say, I have been enjoying the “What use is an F-call” series. [..] Keep up the good work.Jack VK2CJC / MM0AXL