About Donations

The content on this site is produced and owned by Onno Benschop. Recurring costs associated with this include web hosting, bandwidth charges, telephone calls, travel expenses and batteries. Other costs include audio equipment, the time associated with recording and editing interviews and podcasts, research, finding guests, writing and preparing scripts. To give you some idea, a typical 3 minute episode of "Foundations of Amateur Radio" takes an hour to produce.

Your donation directly contributes to the costs associated with producing this content.

Do I have to donate to listen to this content?

No, but your donation is appreciated.

What happens with my donation?

After PayPal takes its share, your donation ends up in my account where it pays directly towards the costs of producing this content.

How much money should I donate?

That's entirely up to you. The average donation is $15. Please do not send cash.

Can I donate goods?

That depends on what you're expecting in return. An expectation of acknowledgement is fine; expectation of a good review is not. In general I'm happy to discuss this, but please contact me (onno@itmaze.com.au) before sending anything other than money to avoid disappointment.

Do I get a credit?

If you'd like to be acknowledged as a supporter, please let me know: onno@itmaze.com.au.

Who is ITmaze and why are they taking my money?

Onno Benschop is a Sole Trader in Western Australia. His trading name is ITmaze.